At nzo Vape, our growing selection of vape pods are made with high-quality vape juices from popular British E-Liquid brands. If you're a beginner with nzo pod vapes, you may need some guidance on what flavour to try. Nothing beats the feel of an iced E-Liquid. When inhaled, the draw feels cold, minty, and refreshing - perfect for a summer’s day. We have selected our top three ice nzo vape pods to get you started! icy mango red liquids vape pods nzo

Icy Mango

Enjoy the balance of exotic, tropical mango flavour paired with ice for more of a throat hit sensation. The menthol infused fruity taste of our Icy Mango vape pods offers a delicious vaping experience all day long. The Icy Mango pods are filled with RED Liquids salt nicotine and are available in 0mg (nicotine free), 10mg and 20mg strengths. They come as a set of three 1.7ml pods. fruit candy ice pukka juice vape pods nzo

Fruity Candy Ice

A fun choice year round is our Fruit Candy Ice pods. Containing Pukka Juice, these vape pods provide a sensory treat. Bursting with a sweet and fruity candy flavour, topped off with a blast of ice. Each box contains three 1.7ml pods of vape juice. The Fruit Candy Ice pods are available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg, allowing you to choose the strength that is right for you. blue raspberry ice pukka juice vape pods nzo

Blue Raspberry Ice

Blue Raspberry Ice vape pods are extremely popular for a reason. They offer users an appetising blend of tangy blueberries, fresh raspberries, and a cool ice edge. Again containing Pukka Juice, these pods come as a pack of three 1.7ml cartridges and are available in the strengths of 0mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Why nzo Pods?

Fancy a change of flavour? Thanks to their clever design, nzo pods are an excellent option for vapers who want a convenient experience with minimal fuss. Our pods can be swapped even before you’ve finished the E-Liquid; they come with handy sleeves you can place the cartridge in, which will remain sealed once they're removed from the kit. If you want a hit of the Blue Raspberry Ice flavour pod but you’re currently using the Fruity Candy Ice, you can swap it with no issue. All you have to do is remove the pod, place it in its sleeve and add in whatever flavour pod you want! We have a wide selection of flavours available online, so take a look at our full range of vape pods and experiment!