menthol flavoured nzo pods to try

In addition to the health benefits of quitting smoking, one of the most appealing aspects of making the switch to vaping is the diverse range of E-Liquid flavours available.

Menthol E-Liquids offer vapers a flavour familiarity, particularly for those that used to smoke menthol cigarettes. This familiarity can help to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping a little easier.

If you’re seeking an alternative following the ban of menthol cigarettes, then switching to a menthol-flavoured E-Liquid can provide you with that amazing flavour, while being 95% safer than smoking a cigarette.

Here we share some of our favourite menthol flavoured E-Liquid pods that are available for your nzo starter kit!

menthol nzo pods

Menthol by RED Liquids

Keep things classic with these menthol flavour vape pods filled with RED Liquids nic salt E-Liquid. Available in 20mg, 10mg and 0mg options, you can enjoy these pods in the right nicotine strength for you.

The menthol flavour offers a smooth and minty freshness that appeals to all vapers. The simplicity of the straight menthol taste makes this an excellent choice for those starting the transition from smoking.

The blue one nzo pods

The Blue One by RED Liquids

The Blue One pods contain a blend of mixed berries and menthol to provide a refreshing vape experience that leaves you with a cooling afternote.

As you start to explore different flavours with your vape kit, a mixed fruit and menthol pod can be a great option that provides you with both exciting new flavours and the more familiar minty notes.

These pods are available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, allowing you to choose between nicotine-free, mid-strength and high-strength vaping.

dimpleberry vape pods

Dimpleberry by Zeus Juice

A best-selling E-Liquid, the Dimpleberry flavour is also available as an nzo pod. The intriguingly titled vape juice name describes the fabulous blend of fragrant flavours - berries, menthol and eucalyptus - which offer an exciting vape experience.

The Zeus Juice pods are available in 20mg strength, making them great for heavier smokers, as the 20mg nic salt will quickly satisfy cravings without being too harsh.

Ikonic pods

Ikonic by Savacco Liquids Pods

For a refreshing vape perfect for the summer months, there’s nothing better than our Ikonic pods. Living up to their name, you won’t want to put your vape down when you’ve got these Savacco Pods in!

The Ikonic flavour is full of refreshing grape and cooling mint notes to excite your taste buds!

Available as 10mg strength, these pods are suited to light and moderate smokers who are wanting to quit smoking with the help of a vape.

Here at nzo, we have an extensive range of vape pods for the nzo kit, covering fruity flavours, classic tobacco and exciting blends. Take a look at our full collection of pods to find your favourite flavour experience.