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 Whether you’re considering vaping as an option for stopping smoking or you’re a long-term vaper looking for a simpler kit, pod vapes might be the answer.

Pod vapes can offer benefits to all sorts of vapers, regardless of experience level. To help you decide if a vape pod is right for you, we share some of the reasons they’re so good.

But first things first, we should explain what a pod vape is!

What is a Pod Vape Kit?

Known as both pod vape and vape pod kits, these devices are made up of a battery device and a pod that is filled with E-Liquid.

The pods simply slot into the battery device, which heats up the E-Liquid inside and turns it into vapour for you to vape.

Open vs Closed Pods

There are two types of pod vape; open pods and closed pods. An open pod is refillable, so you can remove the pod when empty and refill it with the E-Liquid of your choice.

A closed pod is not refillable; they are pre-filled with E-Liquid, which you vape until finished and then replace the whole pod. The nzo starter kit is a closed pod system.

Now you’re aware of what a pod kit is, you may be wondering what benefits they offer. Here we share just a few.

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Pod Vapes Are Simple to Use

When you’re trying to quit smoking, you want it to be as easy as possible. A pod vape is literally just a battery and a pod of E-Liquid - it couldn’t get much simpler!

Considering that using vape pens and mods involves getting your head around coils and wicks, adjusting wattage and airflow, cleaning tanks and learning about Ohm’s Law, it’s easy to see how some new vapers get overwhelmed and return to the much easier world of lighting up a cigarette.

You can avoid all of that by picking the much simpler pod vape kit!

The E-Liquid pods have the coil and wick in-built, so you never have to worry about changing them - just replace the entire pod when needed.

Likewise, the pod vape works as soon as you draw through it. You don’t have to adjust any settings or press any buttons.

Vape Pods Provide Discretion

If you’re after a more discreet vape, then it doesn’t get much better than a vape pod. Pod vapes are typically small in size and don’t draw much attention when you’re using them.

They also tend to create smaller vapour clouds, making it less obvious that you’re vaping.

As a simple piece of kit, you don’t need to get out any extra vaping paraphernalia each time you want to vape, making it easier to keep discreet.

Many pods would even go undetected in your hand as they are so slender and small, making a pod vape the ideal solution if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

Vape Pods Are Affordable

With simplicity comes affordability! While a vape mod could easily set you back £60 or more, you can find pod vapes for a lot less. Our nzo vape starter kit is only £9.95!

Plus, the only expense you have with a vape pod is the E-Liquid refill cartridges. With a vape pen or mod, you would have to purchase replacement coils, wick cotton, tanks and batteries periodically, in addition to buying E-Liquid.

While E-Liquid pods work out as a bit more expensive than purchasing standard 10ml E-Liquid bottles, overall, choosing a pod device can save you money.

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More Nicotine For Less

If you’re trying to quit smoking, keeping your cravings at bay is essential, so using a device that does this better could help you become smoke-free even faster.

Vape pods tend to use nicotine salts instead of the freebase nicotine that is found in most 10ml E-Liquid bottles. Nic salt is made from the natural nicotine molecules in the tobacco plant and is a form of nicotine that is better absorbed by the body.

This means that using nicotine salts can help satisfy your cravings faster, making you less tempted to have a cigarette.

Because it satisfies cravings better than freebase vaping, it also means that you usually vape less with a vape pod than you would with a vape pen or mod. This willreduce the amount of E-Liquid you use and, thus, lower the cost of your vape.

You Can Vape at Higher Strengths More Comfortably

Another benefit of nic saltsis that they offer a smoother throat hit at higher strengths. When you vape a freebase E-Liquid, it can be pretty harsh on the throat when you reach the higher strengths, such as 20mg E-Liquids.

An uncomfortable throat hit can be enough to put you off vaping, but heavy smokers who need a higher nicotine strength can vape with ease using a nic salt pod.

If you’re looking to transition from vaping to smoking, then a pod is a great introduction and can be particularly beneficial for those used to smoking a pack or more a day.

Here at nzo, it is our mission to help as many people quit smoking as possible. Take a look at our nzo vape starter kit to find out more about the benefits it could offer you.

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