There isn’t a better time to quit smoking with inflation on the rise. Now more than ever, we need to be careful with how we spend. Cigarettes are an expensive habit, and if you’re in the process of trying to quit them for good, you’ll want to know if disposable vapes are a good, cheap alternative.

The Costs of Smoking

In just ten years, the average price of a cigarette pack has risen dramatically. For example, in 2012, the average cost of a cigarette pack was £6.72. Nowadays, the average price is £12.64. We’ve put together a table to show you how much the current prices of a pack-a-day in the UK will cost you:
Daily £12.64
Weekly £88.48
Monthly £379.20
Yearly £4,548
The most popular cigarette brand in the UK is Benson & Hedges; here’s how the costs of Benson & Hedges stack up:
Daily £14.70
Weekly £102.90
Monthly £441
Yearly £5,292
  As you can see, cigarettes are extremely expensive, and the costs of smoking only continue to grow. Stop Smoking Service has created a calculator so you can determine how much you could save if you gave up cigarettes.

The Costs of nzo novo Disposable Bars

Every disposable nzo novo bar is around £5, less than half of the most popular cigarette brand in the UK. However, like with cigarettes, the cumulative costs will vary based on how long a disposable vape will last you, which in turn, depends on how frequently you vape. Our disposable vapes come prefilled with 20mg strength nic salts, bursting with flavour to provide a smooth throat hit. They generally contain around 600 puffs, so for those with light nicotine cravings, this could potentially last approximately three weeks. In comparison, an entire pack of 20 cigarettes has a much shorter lifespan at roughly 400 puffs. Even if you were to get through a disposable vape daily, it would still be significantly cheaper than smoking, as seen below:
Daily £5.49
Weekly £38.43
Monthly £164.70
Yearly £1,976.40
pros and cons of disposables nzo There you have it, disposable vapes are notably cheaper than cigarettes are, so if you’re looking to budget a little more wisely, vaping might just be better for you than smoking is! explore nzo flavour pods cta