In recent years, vape kits have exploded into mainstream culture. Unfortunately, vaping has inherited some of the negative stereotypes of smoking. By observing specific guidelines and etiquette, we can try to alleviate the negativity of vaping.

 Don't Blow Vapour Into Others' Faces 

Blowing a cloud of vape smoke into someone's face is a big no-no. It may seem obvious not to do this to any non-smokers. However, it is also considered impolite amongst vapers themselves.  Say you love the smell and taste of the Red Liquids Silver Tobacco NZO pod because it tastes and smells like a traditional cigarette. That smell to someone else could reignite their cravings for a cigarette and make it harder for them on their journey to quit smoking.  Much like traditional cigarettes, when exhaling your smoke, try to aim it away from those around you. A good tactic is to either lift your head and blow it above the heads of those around you or to exhale it over your shoulder. This way, you can enjoy your vape without forcing the smoke into anyone else's lungs. 

Only Use Your NZO Vape In Appropriate Places

Awareness of your surroundings is the most crucial aspect of vape etiquette. Even though smoke from a vape smells better than traditional cigarettes, it doesn't give you a pass to smoke anywhere you like.  What if you're in an area you don't know or are just not sure about? As a rule of thumb, areas where smoking is not permitted, will also not allow vaping. Keep in mind that not everyone understands vaping, so try not to vape in public places where you wouldn’t see someone smoking a cigarette.  So be on the lookout for signage and notices asking you not to smoke or give directions to the nearest designated smoking areas.  Additionally, NZO vapes come in an array of vape pod flavours. Although your chosen flavour may smell delicious to you, another person who doesn't vape may find it unpleasant. 

Ask Before Using Someone's Vape

Like many things in life, it is only polite to ask before using someone else's property. If somebody has a new NZO E-liquid flavour you've been dying to try, make sure it's ok with them before you help yourself.  The same goes for trying other people's vape kits. Some people may be insulted if you help yourself without asking them first. Be extra prepared if someone has a disposable vape; if the owner isn't comfortable or feels safe using it after you've had a puff, they wouldn't just have to replace the pod but replace the entire vape itself, which could be very frustrating. 

Don't Beleaguer Smokers To Quit

Quitting smoking is a very personal thing; the process of quitting is different for everyone, and forcing your opinions on someone who still smokes may do more harm than good.  To be successful at quitting smoking, a person must decide to do it themselves; you can't force someone to change if they don't want to.  So, harassing smokers about quitting when they haven't asked for your opinion is considered rude, even if you intend to help them lead a healthier life. That being said, if asked for your input, by all means, highlight to someone the benefits that quitting smoking can bring to their lives. blog about quitting smoking Additionally, point them in the direction of products to help them quit. The NZO starter vape kits are brilliant for someone trying vaping for the first time.  NZO starter kits come with:
  • NZO vape pen 
  • USB-C charging cable 
  • 3X 1.7ml 20mg E-Liquid pod (Menthol, Ice Mango and Blackcurrant)
  • One year limited warranty
Hopefully, you and those around you can enjoy the use of a vape by following these 3 simple etiquette rules. For more information on vaping or quitting smoking, you can read through the wealth of knowledge in the NZO blog Alternatively, contact the NZO team, and we can talk you through the type of vape or flavour that would best suit you.