As more smokers realise the potential that vaping offers for quitting, more vape products have begun to emerge on the market. While the increased range of choices can allow you to find the perfect product for you, reaching that decision can become increasingly overwhelming given all the options.

While we might be a bit biased, we think the nzo Vape is an ideal choice for those just making the transition from smoking, as well as for vapers who find all the buttons and fiddly coil changes on vape tanks a bit confusing!

Here we’ll share just a few of the benefits that the nzo Vape offers so you can see if it seems like the right choice for you!

Ease of Use

The biggest perk of the nzo is its simplicity. Unlike most other vape devices, there are no buttons to press, no coils to change, and no tanks to refill.

The nzo is made up of a battery (the black nzo device) and pre-filled E-Liquid pods. The pods are simply slotted into the battery, and you’re ready to start vaping. The device is activated as you inhale, so you don’t even need to press any buttons!

Once you’ve finished with a pod, you remove it and replace it with a new one. The pod has the coil in-built and is pre-filled with E-Liquid, so you don’t have to do any maintenance beyond slotting in a new pod.


The nzo is only 9.5cm long and weighs 80g, making it a lightweight, pocket-friendly device. Its compact size makes it discreet to hold and easy to carry in a bag.

The device is made from premium aluminium, making it durable for use on the go.



Another key benefit of nzo Vape is the wide variety of E-Liquid flavours we have available. One of the downfalls of many pod vape kits is a limited selection of flavour choices, but here at nzo, we understand that flavour can be an appealing advantage of making the switch from smoking.

As such, we’ve teamed up with many leading British E-Liquid brands, like RED Liquids, Pacha Mama and Zeus Juice, to bring you a diverse range of delicious vape juice flavours.

Flavour Changes

If you like to start the morning with a refreshing hit of icy mango, but end the day on a more relaxing apple tobacco note, then nzo Vape is definitely the one for you!

One of our unique benefits is the ability to switch out your vape pod for a new flavour whenever you fancy!

Most vape kits will require you to finish a pod or empty the tank before you can switch to a new E-Liquid flavour. But with the nzo vape, you only need to remove the pod, place it in its sleeve and pop in a new one to enjoy a totally different flavour! You can switch them around as you please.

Nicotine Salt

The E-Liquid used for nzo pods is nic salt, which has its own set of benefits. Nic salt offers a smoother throat hit, making it a more pleasant vaping experience, especially for those who enjoy vaping at higher strengths.

Nic salt is absorbed into the body more effectively than freebase E-Liquids, meaning that a 20mg nic salt will satisfy you more quickly than a 20mg freebase, which can help keep cravings at bay.

If the nzo pod sounds like it ticks all the boxes you’re after for your vape device, then you can check out our nzo starter kit, which is on sale now!