A holiday should be a relaxing time, so being prepared with your vaping kit is essential in order to avoid any vape-related disasters on your vacation.

We take a look at some of the things you need to look for in a good travel vape!

Things to Consider When Travelling With a Vape

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning on going travelling as a vaper, especially if you are going abroad:

  • The luggage requirements - E-Liquids need to be placed in a clear bag with toiletries and are limited to 100ml. The vape kit must be packed in your carry-on hand luggage.
  • The destination - vaping is banned in some countries and can lead to a hefty fine and even prison time if you are caught breaking the law by vaping.

You can take a look at our guide to travelling with a vape kit, where we explain in greater detail the rules and regulations in place for carrying and using vapes on a plane.



What is the Best Vape to Travel With?

With travel rules in mind, you need to consider what the best vape options are for going on holiday.

Size of Vape Kit

Hand luggage capacity can be limited, so bringing a device that is compact is important. You don’t want to be packing your heftiest box mod for this!

The smaller the device you bring, the more room you have for bringing back souvenirs and holiday purchases!


Simplicity of Vape Kit

Something to consider when choosing your travel vape is simplicity. The more parts your vape kit has, the more chances of something going wrong or needing to be changed there are.

Some vape kits require coils, wicks, batteries and tanks to be changed, and these are all additional items that will take up space in your luggage. You’ll also end up wasting precious holiday time redoing your vape kit coil that could be spent on the beach!


Although vaping is only illegal in a few countries around the world, it is still quite uncommon in many places. As such, it is better to bring a more discreet vape with you - you could raise a few eyebrows with a mysterious metal box that produces plumes of vapour!

It’s also a courteous thing to do and helps to avoid giving vapers a bad name! It would be rude to cloud chase while standing at a beauty spot or popular attraction! Keep clouds on the small side and pick a more discreet vape kit.


Pod Vape Kits

With these two factors in mind, the best vape to travel with would be a pod vape kit, such as the nzo vape starter kit.

The small and simple design of a pod kit means they don’t take up any precious space in your luggage! Their compact size and more discreet vape clouds will also be beneficial while abroad.

Pod kits consist simply of a vape kit (a battery that powers the device) and a pod of E-Liquid, which is slotted into place and vaped. The pod is removed and replaced once empty. There’s no maintenance, no coils or wicks to change, no E-Liquid to refill and no buttons that can go wrong!

The pre-filled E-Liquid pods are also less likely to leak than a full bottle of E-Liquid, and will fall well within your limits for carrying liquids on a plane.

If you’re looking for a vape perfect for travel, then the nzo could be the one for you! Check out our starter kit and selection of flavour pods today.