Luggage regulations for airports and commercial airlines are always changing, so it’s good to check what is and isn’t acceptable before you jet off. If you’re planning on flying abroad for work reasons or a holiday, you may be wondering about whether you can bring your vape devices along. Read more to discover all you need to know about travel restrictions regarding disposable vapes. plane interior

Can You Take Your Disposable Vape On a Plane?

Although you can’t take a puff while in the airport or on board your flight, there are no current restrictions on bringing your disposable vapes in your luggage. For those who are new to vaping, you can easily take your vape starter kit along with you. Still, certain airports may have dedicated vaping areas, so we recommend researching the facilities of your chosen airport beforehand.

The Best Vape Devices for Travel 

Our disposable vapes are ​​one of the most efficient vape devices you could bring as the compact and lightweight design of our vape pens makes them much easier to travel with. At only 9.5cm long and 80g, the sleek, portable and durable design of the closed pod system can easily be carried in your hand luggage. There are multiple benefits to making the switch from cigarettes to disposable vapes. Explore our reasons why nzo pod systems are ideal for vapers who want to get the most out of their puff!

Regulations on Disposable Vapes

Even though it is perfectly acceptable to bring your vape with you on a plane, there are still certain guidelines you will need to follow.

Every Airport Is Different

Regulations vary between different airports when it comes to vaping. Some may have certain prohibitions and others may have dedicated smoking areas, so it’s recommended that you check what your airport allows before travelling.

Taking E-Liquids On Board

E-liquids are treated just the same as any liquid, nicotine or not. As with other liquids, you can’t carry anything that contains more than 100ml otherwise you won’t make it through security. Keep in mind, there are restrictions on the number of liquids you can take in your hand luggage. Countries outside the EU might have different regulations regarding liquids, so make sure you check these rules beforehand.

Packing Your Disposable Vape

travel bag and nzo vapes Like most electronic devices, vapes contain lithium batteries which are potential fire hazards. Therefore, it can’t be stored in the hold luggage of a plane and must be taken in carry-on baggage. Luckily, our vape devices are compact and can simply be placed in a transparent, sealed liquids bag. It should measure approximately 20cm x 20cm.

Consider Where You’re Flying To

There may be no restrictions on travelling with vapes in the UK and the majority of airports, and this is the case for most of the world, but even then, it’s best to be careful. Some countries such as Qatar, Singapore, and Thailand have banned vapes entirely. It’s worth checking the restrictions on nicotine and e-liquids before you travel anywhere.

Travelling With nzo Vapes

nzo products at whsmith travel store nzo disposable vapes are so convenient for travel, and now you can pick one up at your local airport! We are proud to announce that our premium range of products are available in WHSmith travel stores nationwide. This partnership will give you the perfect opportunity to purchase an nzo Novo Bar product while on the go at major airports, railway stations and service stations. And once you reach your destination, you can get the relaxing, flavoured draw you’ve been craving. Sleek and user-friendly, the nzoPen is perfect for making the switch from smoking to vaping and can be taken pretty much anywhere with minimal fuss.  It can be daunting if you’re just starting on this journey, so take a look at what pod flavour is best for quitting smoking to help you cut cigarettes out for good. At nzo, we stock a wide range of nicotine strengths and flavours to choose from to make the transition from smoking to vaping just that bit easier.