evolution of the vaping industry


With technological advances, worldwide conventions and even bans, it goes without saying that vaping has come a long way over the last fifteen years.

Here, we’re going to explore the evolution of the vaping industry and even look at where vaping may be heading in the future.

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First Generation Vapes

The first generation of e-cigarettes was, without a doubt, the simplest. Commonly referred to as ‘Cig-A-Likes’, these devices looked a lot like ordinary cigarettes.

The first generation vape was made up of only a battery and a cartomiser. Much like the vapes we know today, they worked by the user either pressing a button or just inhaling to produce the vapour.

Most of these e-cigarettes were disposable, with only some of them being refillable. They came in either tobacco or menthol flavour.

Second Generation Vapes

It was during the second generation that things started to get interesting. This generation of vape saw the introduction of vape pens, vape pods, and refillable vapes that made use of a wide variety of E-Liquids on the market.

The user experience became customisable, with a multitude of flavours available to keep things fresh.

The technology had advanced as well. With stronger batteries, these vapes were longer-lasting and more complex devices.

The generation was largely responsible for the growth of the vape industry and remains a favourite with both new and seasoned vapers today.



Third Generation Vapes

The third generation saw the introduction of vape mods. ‘MOD’ stands for modification or modified, and that’s exactly what these vape devices offer.
The user experience became even more varied. Vapers can now control their vaping experience with features such as:

  • Temperature control.
  • Regulated charging.
  • Safety features.

These vapes also boast an even longer battery life than the generation before.



Innovation and Ease of Use

While vape mods offer great customizability for those who have been vaping for longer, those who are seeking a transition from smoking may want something more simplistic.

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Nic Salts

One of the greatest things to come to the vape market in recent years is the development of E-Liquids, most notably nicotine salts. Nic salts are naturally derived from the tobacco plant leaves.

In comparison to standard freebase nicotine, nic salts are more easily absorbed by the body, giving you a faster and more satisfying reduction in cravings. They are also smoother than freebase at higher strengths, allowing you to vape 20mg without a harsh throat hit.

Many agree that the development of nic salts for vaping is one of the best innovations of the vaping industry!


The Future of Vaping

With all of that history behind them, it begs the question: where is the vaping industry going?

Changes in Vape Laws

As we’ve mentioned, the journey for vapes hasn’t been an easy one. Vaping is still banned in over fourteen countries, and there are laws in place that regulate the manufacturing of E-Liquids. Trump even tried to pass a bill in his reelection campaign that would ban the sale of a majority of vape products.

As the industry continues to grow and expand, there is a chance that other countries could see the benefits of vaping when it comes to helping to quit smoking. If this is the case, then we could see a lift in some of the restrictions and even some of the bans across the world.

Technological Advances in Vaping

Technology is forever changing and advancing, with newer and sleeker products being released every year.

So, why would vaping be any different?

We can expect to see even more advances in vape hardware and modification ability following current design trends. Vape mods are also likely to become more efficient and user-friendly as time goes on.

Vaping has come a long way in the past decade alone, and there’s no telling where it might go in the next one. One thing is for sure, though; we’re going to keep supplying great vape products throughout!