Whether you’re new to vaping or considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, there are a myriad of options to choose from, liquids too. From the classic cig-a-like to box devices and everything in between, there are so many brands available to consumers nowadays, for every level of experience and style of vaper. The pod system vape device is another increasingly popular option for a number of reasons. We explore five reasons why nzo Vape is most likely the device you’ve been looking for!  
  • Compact and Discreet
  You’ve made the decision to quit smoking and where you’re used to simply pulling a cigarette out of the pack, lighting and off you go; vaping, to some can seem quite detailed, big and bulky. In actual fact, it’s pretty straightforward, yes there are people who prefer a big box mod and enjoy building their own coils – it’s a hobby.  But you want a simple experience that gives you the satisfaction of a cigarette without the tobacco. nzo Vape is a handy pen like device that fits in your pocket or bag with ease and without bulk. Sleek and stylish, nzo has a matte black finish with the logo discreetly displayed on one side.  This is a great option for those ex-smokers who need a tactile device to keep fidgeting hands occupied as is quite popular with those who quit smoking.  
  • Easy to use
  With vape pods that are filled very generously compared to many others in the market, nzo has thought hard about what customers need and teamed up with leading brands in the vape industry to fill the pods with their premium flavours. By partnering with well-known brands such as RED Liquids, Pacha Mama and Decadent Vape, nzo is offering a world class device with flavours that are already huge favourites of vapers by brands that they know and trust. The pods come available in a pack of three and are each supplied with a handy little sleeve for storing half used pods if you choose to swap the flavours around. Simply remove the pod from the sleeve, click into the top of your nzo device and go! Once you’ve finished with a pod, responsibly dispose of them and that’s it! No mess or cleaning of tanks required between flavours or use. This makes travelling or day to day activities so much more approachable with minimal fuss!  
  • The all-important E-Liquids
  We’ve just touched on this in point two and the E-Liquids are so important when vaping they deserved their own point!  By teaming up with premium brands that customers know and love, nzo Vape is ensuring accessibility to trusted brands in a different form and a great price point too!  Not only that, there is very little wastage as the flavours fill leak-proof pods that are protected even further with the addition of a sleeve for the pod itself.  With E-Liquid strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg, there is a great variety of flavours available, allowing vapers to slowly reduce their nicotine levels down to zero.  Browse and shop the huge range of pre-filled nzo pods now!  
  • Pocket-friendly
  There are lots of reasons for people wanting to quit smoking; a healthier lifestyle and to save money are probably right up there as the two most popular. Whilst most vape devices can vary considerably in price; the overall long-term cost saving is fairly significant – up to £350 a year saved by average smokers! The nzo Vape device is sold as a starter kit of a device plus usb charger and is available now to buy with a pack of pods in your chosen RED Liquids flavour for less than £15! Considering the average price of cigarettes, a packet of pods can last up to three weeks for many vapers, and at less than £10 a pack the savings really do stack up!  
  • Fitting in with your lifestyle
  The nzo device is a simple to use, cost effective, sleek, compact and discreet device – it’s the ultimate lifestyle choice.  Whether you’re new to vaping or want something smaller for when you’re out or working, the nzo device fits in with your life and the way you live it. With the current COVID-19 situation ensuring that everyone takes care with hygiene, nzo is easily cleaned with a disinfectant wipe after each use.