Guide to Reducing Your Nicotine Levels When Vaping


So, you’ve made the commitment to quit smoking, you’ve made the switch to vaping, and now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Now what?’.

Well, now might be time for you to start on the next big hurdle - becoming nicotine-free as well.

If this seems daunting, that’s okay! Becoming nicotine free is as much - if not more - of a challenge than making the switch to vaping. But the good news is by deciding to make that change, you’re already halfway there!

Join us as we explain just how to safely and effectively reduce your nicotine levels when vaping. If you’ve not made the switch yet, why not try our quit smoking starter kit and start living your smoke-free life?

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What Does Nicotine Do To You?

Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that keeps you coming back for more. When you take in nicotine, your brain releases dopamine which is usually produced during pleasurable situations. It’s also the chemical that makes you want to seek out that activity again.

In fact, by cutting off your nicotine supply suddenly, you may begin to experience nicotine withdrawal, the symptoms of which include:

  • Intense cravings for nicotine
  • Tingling in the hands and feet
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and abdominal cramping
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Irritability

Chemically, nicotine isn’t all that different to caffeine; nicotine alone, though very addictive, is not carcinogenic. This means that even though it’s best not to depend on it, there’s no rush to cut off your nicotine supply.

How Can You Lower Your Nicotine Intake

Once you’re settled into the routine of vaping, it may be time to begin reducing your nicotine intake entirely. There are a few ways you can go about this, which vary depending on the type of vape you use.

We will be focusing on reducing your nicotine levels, specifically when using a pod vape.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Use?

Vaping is intended to help you get the nicotine fix your body need without any of the harsh chemicals included in cigarettes. This means most people making the switch chose a higher strength E-Liquid to satiate their cravings.

What strength E-Liquid you use will have quite an impact on how you cut down as it sets the initial bar.

For more information on the different strengths of E-Liquids, check out our blog.

How to choose the right strength for your vape pod


How Long Does it Take to Adjust to Lower Nicotine Levels?

How long it takes your body to adjust to its new nicotine levels will depend on two things:


  • What strength you started with.
  • How much you reduce at a time.

If you’ve decided to make big strides in your nicotine reduction, then you’re more likely to experience the side effects of nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal tend to be at their worst after 1-3 days and then gradually decrease for 3-4 weeks.

Stay Satisfied

Everyone is different, but the best and more effective way to lower your nicotine levels is to keep your cravings satisfied. Make sure you’re using an E-Liquid with a high enough nicotine content to you keep you satisfied to prevent any relapses.

Take it Slow

Your body’s dependency on nicotine likely took time to build, which means it will take just as much - if not more - time to break down again.

As we’ve said, by switching to vaping, you’ve already cut out some of the worst threats to your health that come from smoking, so don’t feel the need to rush this.

The goal is to cut down on nicotine successfully. If you drop down from 20mg to 6mg, your body will not react well, and you’ll likely feel all of the unpleasant side effects. Be patient, you’ll get there.

Set Goals

A great way to successfully reduce your nicotine levels is by setting yourself realistic and achievable goals to reduce your levels.

For example, if you start at 20mg of nicotine and want to half that within six weeks, then it’s important to plan accordingly.

Try buying a selection of your favourite flavour vape pods in varying strengths and, when you’re ready, dropping down a level.

Remember, this is going to take some adjustment and unnecessary stress will only make you crave that dopamine hit more. Take things at your own pace and if you need to go back up a level to keep your cravings satisfied, so be it.

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Nicotine Free Vapes

The step down from the lowest nicotine level to zero will likely feel like the biggest yet, and it’s only natural for you to be anxious.

One way to get over this hurdle is to try nicotine free vapes. These E-Liquid pods will contain everything your previous ones did, but without any nicotine. This means you can continue the action of vaping without worrying about how much nicotine your body is consuming.

The most important thing to remember when reducing your nicotine levels is that you’re doing it for yourself. Listen to your body, move at your own pace, and you’ll be nicotine-free in no time!

If you’re looking to reduce your nicotine levels, check out our range of amazing flavoured pods available in 20mg, 18mg, 10mg and 0mg.

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