An nzo Vape on a table next to a plant

With a sleek, compact design, allowing for easy use, the nzo Vape is a great option for all vapers, whether you’re just beginning to make the transition from cigarettes or are a seasoned vaper.

This pocket-friendly device that produces discreet vapour is a closed pod system vape designed with convenience, simplicity and functionality in mind. Here, we breakdown just how to use an nzo Vape.

Using Your nzo Vape

At only 9.5cm long, the aluminium-body device is lightweight and durable, perfect for slipping into pockets and using on the go.

Actually using your nzo couldn’t be simpler - you just click the pod with your preferred E-Liquid flavour into the device, and you’re ready to go!

You can then inhale to activate the vape - there are no buttons or settings to mess around with. If there are any issues with the connection between your vape and the pod, the green LED on the body will flash.

The simplicity of using an nzo and the need for very little maintenance means vaping with one of our devices is similar to using a cigarette, making the transition much easier.

To recharge the device, you simply have to plug it into the magnetic USB charger.

An nzo Vape with three pods

Changing E-Liquid Pods

As a pod device that uses a closed pod system, changing E-liquids is incredibly easy and convenient.

nzo pre-filled pods contain a generous 1.7ml of E-Liquid available in a wide range of flavours from top British E-Liquid brands. These pods can easily be removed and switched, even if they aren’t finished! Once you do finish a pod, it is a simple case of taking it out and putting a new one in.

If you start hankering after another flavour mid-vape, no problem! Just slip your unfinished pod back into its pouch so you can come back to it later after satisfying your other flavour cravings.

The ease with which you can change E-Liquid flavours and strengths makes the nzo a great option for those just starting out with vaping or those that don’t want to deal with replacing coils and manually dropping in liquids.

Opting for a pod vape like the nzo can often be cheaper than other kinds of vape and cigarettes; the only expense after purchasing the device will be additional E-Liquid pods with no need to purchase tanks, wicks or coils. Here at nzo Vape, you can get a box of three pre-filled pods for under £10!


The nzo Vape Starter Kit

If you’re new to vaping, the nzo Vape starter kit is a great place to start! Our starter kit has everything you need to begin your vaping journey, including:

  • The nzo device
  • A magnetic USB charging cable
  • Three 1.7ml nzo pods with Blackcurrant Lemonade, Icy Mango and Menthol flavoured RED Liquids in 20mg strength.

If you think the nzo might be right for you, shop now for our handy starter kit or browse our ever-growing range of E-Liquids - you’re sure to find a flavour to suit you!

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