Whether you’re looking for a vape to help you quit smoking or looking for a new vape device to make your vaping experience easier, you may have some questions about whether pod vapes are right for you.

One of the most commonly asked questions is how long do vape pods last.

How long your vape pod lasts will depend on a number of factors:

  • the type of vape device and pods you are using.
  • the type of E-Liquid you are vaping.
  • how often you are using your vape.

Here, we take a look at these factors, so you can get a better idea of how long a vape pod will last for you.

How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

To give a very general answer, a vape pod will last around 4-5 days for someone who vapes a few times each day.

The duration of a pod will obviously be dependent on how frequently you vape. Someone who vapes once a day will need to change their pods a lot less frequently than someone who vapes twenty times a day!

If you vape frequently throughout the day, then you may end up having to use a new pod every day or two.

After using a few pods you’ll start to have a fairly good idea of how often you need to replace them, so you know when to stock up on your favourite flavours!


Type of Pods

Of course, the type of pods you choose will play a part. The nzo pods are quite generously sized, holding 1.7ml of E-Liquid. Others may hold a smaller amount and so may not last as long.

Type of E-Liquid

Another thing to consider is the type and strength of the E-Liquid used in the pods. For example, a stronger E-Liquid may keep your cravings at bay for longer, reducing the frequency at which you feel the need to vape. In turn, this may mean that you need to change your pods less often.

Likewise, if your pod device uses nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine, then this may also have an impact on the amount used. Nic salts are absorbed into the body better than freebase nicotine, meaning that you feel a satisfying nicotine hit quicker than with freebase E-Liquid.

If you feel an immediate end to your nicotine cravings with the nic salt vape, then you are less likely to keep puffing on your vape until you feel effects, again reducing the amount of E-Liquid vaped. Our nzo pods use nic salt, so if you want to see if they help your cravings more, then you can try out our starter kit.



Cost of Pods

One thing that concerns some vapers is the price of pods. Some pods are more expensive than other forms of E-Liquid, like shortfills, but the overall saving in comparison to smoking is still huge!

Here at nzo Vape, a box of three pods costs less than £10, and these could last the average vaper up to three weeks! Compare that with cigarettes, where one pack would set you back by more than that. It starts to become clear why the average smoker saves £350 a year by switching to vaping!