If you know anything about vapes, you’ll probably know that they’re legally restricted to a maximum of 2% nicotine. You may think, “that doesn’t sound like a lot”, and sure, 2% is a low number. But you may be surprised to find out just how much of a punch 2% strength nicotine packs. Our convenient nzo refillable pods contain 2% nicotine, or 20mg, for a smooth, strong throat hit that’s bursting with flavour! So does this amount really provide a satisfying nicotine hit? Take a look below, and we’ll give you all the answers.

How Much is 2% Nicotine?

2% nicotine is the same as 20mg/ml nicotine. As previously stated, all nicotine products are limited to a maximum of 2% or 20mg/ml. With 20 milligrams of nicotine extract in E-Liquid, you may think that’s not a lot, but nicotine is pretty potent! In fact, 20mg is the strongest nicotine strength E-Liquid legally available in the UK. If you're wondering how much nicotine is in an nzo novo bar, our disposables are no exception to the rule. nzo novo bars contain salt nicotine that comes at the maximum amount of 20mg for a potent hit.

What’s the Difference Between Percentage and MG in E-Liquid Strength?

The difference between percentage and milligrams is pretty easy to figure out, all you have to do is divide the milligrams of nicotine by 10! For example:
  • 0.3% is 3mg.
  • 0.6% is 6mg.
  • 1% is 10mg.
  • 1.2% is 12mg.
  • 1.8% is 18mg.
  • 2% is 20mg.
This is generally the range of strengths you can expect to find in E-Liquid products. In order to choose the right nicotine strength for your needs, consider your level of experience with vaping and nicotine intake. For lighter smokers or those new to vaping, the lower end of the spectrum (0.3% or 0.6%) is a good place to start, but if you find that’s not enough, we suggest scaling up.