If you're looking to transition from smoking to vaping, disposable vapes might be the perfect alternative for you. Easy to carry and use, nzo novo bars are bursting with flavour, providing a strong but smooth throat hit. When vaping you may want to know the amount of nicotine you are intaking to compare with your cigarette usage or usual vape kit, so it’s entirely understandable to wonder how much nicotine our nzo novo bars contain. Below, we answer all the most important questions so you can choose the best option for you.

How Much Nicotine is in an nzo novo Disposable Bar?

Our compact and straightforward to use nzo novo Disposable Bars are all prefilled with flavourful nicotine salt E-Liquid at 20mg strength, the highest legal percentage available in the UK. The novo bar is designed for shorter term use than nzo refillable pods, ideal as a gentle start for people who are looking to quit smoking. Although they don’t last as long as our refillable pods, the novo bar still packs an impressive 600 puffs, which lasts twice as long as most other disposable vapes available on the market. how long do disposable nzo vapes last

Nicotine & the Law

For people who are new to vaping, it’s crucial to get acquainted with vaping laws. In the UK, the percentage of nicotine is legally restricted to the following:
  • E-Liquids are capped off at 20mg.
  • Cartridges are limited to 2ml.
  • Bottles are limited to 10ml.
This is why you won’t see any vape companies selling anything higher than 20mg E-Liquids in the UK. Since nzo disposable vapes are all prefilled at 20mg, this means you’ll be getting the strongest possible hit.

Why Nic Salts?

Other E-Liquids, such as freebase vape juice, just aren’t as good as nicotine salts are for quitting smoking for various reasons. Freebase E-Liquid can prove to be a bit too harsh of a throat hit, which is why we use nic salts in our products, as they provide a smoother throat hit at higher strengths. Furthermore, nic salt is absorbed into the body better than freebase, meaning that nic salts offer a quicker means to sating nicotine cravings. Due to the aforementioned legal restrictions on the amount of nicotine in E-Liquid, nic salts are the best option by far as the nicotine hit is greater than what you would get from freebase E-Liquid at similar strength.

How Much Nicotine Do You Need?

The right amount of nicotine depends mainly on the amount of smoking you're used to. For example, a smaller strength of nicotine is better suited for light smokers, whereas heavy smokers are probably going to need higher strengths as too little isn't likely to satisfy nicotine cravings. Conversely, absorbing too much nicotine can make you feel sick, so if you’re new to vaping, make sure you start off by keeping your disposable vape usage light. If you find that you’re longing for a cigarette, it may be time to up the usage. explore nzo flavour pods cta