The nature of a disposable vape is that it will eventually run out of E-Liquid or battery power and need to be replaced. But is there a way to get the most from your vape bar and make it last longer? We share some tips for enjoying your disposable vape for longer, so you can vape all weekend, holiday, or festival-long.

Take Smaller Puffs

The biggest drain on a disposable vape is a long draw. The longer you spend inhaling when taking a hit, the more E-Liquid and battery life you are using from the vape bar. To make your disposable last for longer, take smaller hits each time you vape. It’s better to take a few small puffs rather than one drawn-out hit.

Store Your Disposable Vape at Room Temperature

The lifespan of your disposable vape can be affected by the temperature at which it is stored. If the vape is left somewhere cold, the battery requires more power and time to heat up, shortening the life of your disposable. Keeping the disposable vape at room temperature can work to prolong the battery life, as it doesn’t need to warm up so much before producing vapour. If it’s not possible to store your device at room temperature, you can hold the disposable vape in your hands for a few minutes to help warm up the battery before you use it.

Vape Less Often

It might sound obvious, but vaping less frequently will make your disposable last longer. If you’ve only got one disposable vape on you and you need it to last, then try to cut down on the amount you are using it. The less frequently you puff each day, the more days it will last for.

Buy a New Disposable Vape

Of course, the disposable vape is a finite item, which cannot be refilled with E-Liquid or recharged. There is only one way to get more vape when it is out of puffs - buy a new disposable. Luckily, the nzo smok novo bar is available in a delicious range of flavours, including banana ice, pink lemonade, and watermelon ice. Make the most of our 5 for £18 multi-buy deal and stock up on your favourite novo bar flavours, so you don’t need to wait to puff when your disposable finishes.