Different vape devices lined up in a testube rack

You’ve done the research, you’ve seen the benefits, and now you’ve decided you’re ready to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

But where do you go from here?

With so many different vape devices, E-Liquid flavours and enough terminology to write a book (what is cloud chasing, anyway?), it can be overwhelming to know where to start when choosing a vape device.

In this helpful guide, we’re going to be exploring the variety of different devices out there, from vape mods to pod kits in the UK, to help you choose the best vape kit for your quit smoking journey.


How To Choose Your First Vape Kit

Which vape device works for you is ultimately going to involve what you want to gain from your vaping experience. Do you value customisability or do you just want something simple that gets the job done? Are you looking for affordability or do you want to invest in the best tech out there?

There are a few key things you should consider before choosing your first vape kit, such as:


  • Customisability - do you want the option to control how much power and airflow your device has?
  • Battery life - do you need a device that can work on a single charge all day long or are you happy with something you can top up as you go?
  • Portability - are you looking for a vape device that’s perfect for on the go?
  • Efficiency - do you want a vape kit that’s simple and easy to use, or do you want something more advanced?
  • Cost - how much are you willing to spend on your vape kit to start with and how much are you looking to spend over time replacing parts or E-Liquid?

Every vape kit is going to come with its own pros and cons. That’s why in order to help you figure out which device will work best for you, we’re taking a closer look at the most common vape kits available to new vapers and the pros and cons of each.

The evolution of the vaping industry


Different Types of Vape Kits

When you first decide to switch to vaping, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of vape technology out there.

We’d generally recommend starting your journey with a simple starter kit and then building your way up, but everyone is different!

Here are some of the common vape kits you can expect to find.

nzo vape with pods


Pod Vape Kits

A pod vape kit is a simple and easy device that can aid you on your journey to a smoke-free future. Typically, pod vapes are made of two simple components:


  • The pod vape device
  • The pod of E-Liquid

The pod is inserted into the device which can then be activated by either a button or simply by inhaling.

Vape pods come readily filled with nic salts in varying strengths and offer a wide variety of flavours, from classic tobacco all the way to weird and wonderful fruity concoctions.

Plus, if you’re looking to try as many flavour options as possible, you can! Vape pods don’t need to be empty to be removed which means you can chop and change your flavour combinations whenever you feel like it without wasting the pod.

There is also the option to use an open pod system which gives you the opportunity to refill your pods with an E-Liquid brand or flavour of your choosing.



  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Strong nicotine hit from nic salt E-Liquid
  • Lots of flavour variety
  • Leak proof


    • Smaller tank capacity
    • Shorter battery life

    A disposable vape kit


    Disposable Vape Kits

    Disposable vape devices are exactly as the name suggests - a vape device that once the battery has died or the liquid has run out, you simply dispose of.

    Some of the earliest generations of vape devices worked the same way that most disposable devices do today and were known as ‘Cig-A-Likes’ for their cigarette-like appearance and function.

    Disposable vapes now have taken on a range of different shapes, sizes and designs and are also available in a wide variety of flavours.

    These devices are perfect for buying on the go or when you’re in need of a quick fix since they’re readily available at most local supermarkets or newsagents.



    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Widely accessible
    • Replicates smoking with mouth to lung draw


      • Fewer flavour options
      • More expensive 

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      Mod Vape Kits

      Mod vapes are perhaps the most advanced form of vaping technology currently available in the industry. These box-like devices are so named for the ability to use sub-ohm technology to allow vapers to modify their vaping experience.

      Mod vapers are able to create a vaping experience more tailored to them by adjusting the settings on the device to alter temperature, power and even airflow. This in turn can affect aspects of the vape experience such as cloud size which makes them particularly popular with hobbyist vapers.

      While we appreciate the merits of mod vape devices, they can get rather complicated to those who haven’t used one before. We’d recommend that beginner vapers start with something simpler such as a pod vape kit before working their way up.



      • Fully customisable experience
      • Larger tank
      • Longer battery
      • Wider variety of flavours


        • More expensive
        • More complicated
        • Parts often require replacing

          Just like how every smoker has their preferences, the same applies to vapers. Just make sure you know what it is you’re looking to gain from your vape experience before you begin your search and you’re bound to find the perfect fit!

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