Where closed pod kits come pre-filled, refillable pods allow far more freedom as you can pair this device with the E-Liquid flavour of your choice. Simple to use and convenient, refillable pods are an excellent option for beginners to vaping who want more flexibility when they vape. We’ve put together the steps to using nzo Reload refillable pods below so you can see how to use an open pod kit. guide to the vape pod system nzo

1. First Step: Find Your Favourite E-Liquid

If you're new to vaping, it can be difficult to choose what flavour E-Liquid to go with first with so many options available. Due to the nature of the nzo Reload’s design, this device is perfect for maximum flexibility in flavour selection, allowing you to empty and refill it with a different E-Liquid if you’re not feeling the current one you’re using. Our 10ml E-Liquids come in a range of flavours. From fruit, menthol, ice and tobacco, there is guaranteed to be a taste to sate your palate. Fruit flavours will bring a refreshing, summery blast to your vape; from sweet and juicy Strawberry to crisp and tart apple, there is guaranteed to be a delectable fruity flavour for you. Or why not try our menthol flavoured E-Liquids for a classic, minty vape? You can use a minty and fruity combo with Mixed Berry Menthol or simply stick to Strong Menthol for the ultimate cooling sensation. With plenty more flavours available, don’t be afraid to experiment! Every nzo 10ml E-Liquid contains 50VG 50 PG, excellent for producing clouds and providing the ideal balance between throat hit and flavour.

2. Choose a Nicotine Strength

E-Liquid come in strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg in the UK. Our nzo 10ml E-Liquid flavours are available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths respectively, offering you the choice of how much nicotine you want. 6mg is the mildest strength currently available at nzo and perfect for light smokers, 12mg is best for moderate smokers on 10 cigarettes a day, and 18mg strengths are better suited for heavy smokers with stronger nicotine cravings. how to choose the right nicotine strength for vape pod nzo

3. Fill Your nzo Reload

The open pod system allows you to fill the pod with the E-Liquid juice of your choice and enjoy the flavour sensation. Unlike our NZO vape pods, which contain nicotine salts for a smoother throat hit, our flavoured 10ml E-Liquids contain freebase vape juice, providing a stronger throat hit for vapers. With the nzo Reload pods, you can use any E-Liquid you like, making the nzo pod vape compatible with any vape juice brand of your choosing! Refilling nzo Reload with Strawberry flavour E-Liquid

4. Reload Your Refillable Pod

As mentioned above, due to the closed pod system design, you can’t refill the nzo vape original pods. Our new pods are named Reload for a reason, as you can reload refillable pods up to five times, so you can keep vaping your favourite juice without needing to buy more pods, or if you’re not feeling a certain flavour, simply swap it out for another flavour that will suit your fancy. That’s it, you’re all set on how to use nzo Reload refillable pods. Happy vaping!