Fast growing global vape brand nzo today announces a third collaboration for its innovative pod system designed as the optimum smoking cessation device. The deal with Decadent Vapours follows similar relationships with Red Liquids and Pacha Mama and was launched at the Vaper Expo UK in London on 15th February. The latest partnership is looking to support Decadent Vapours distribution in the UK, Italy, Denmark and Germany.

Decadent Vapours were the first company in the world to test for acetyly propionyl, diacetyl and DEG and have a strong focus on e-liquid safety. The flavours of their juices consistently come out the cleanest in tests and are ideally suited to nzo’s device design providing improved airflow and taste.

nzo, which was only introduced to the UK market in October 2019 has seen exponential growth and is inspired by the lightweight feel and smooth lines of Italian supercars: sleek in look, light and tactile in the hand. The aim is simplicity with no buttons or switches and so can be regarded as a one stop solution. Pods are available with nicotine content from 20mg to nil allowing users to gradually eliminate their inhalation of damaging and addictive nicotine.

Decadent Vapours will start by supplying 3 e-liquid flavours, American Red, Frostbite and Water Malone to be incorporated into the pods.

Irshad Kara of nzo, commented ;

“We’re excited to be continuing our policy of forging mutually beneficial relationships with independent and well respected brands of which Decadent Vapours is very much one. The feedback received on the flavours has been impressive and we are confident that our joint sales and distribution networks will welcome the new range of pod flavours. We look forward to expanding internationally throughout 2020 in partnership with Decadent Vapours.”

About nzo
nzo is a new brand with a global mission to make available an easy to use and complete system to help smokers quit. Its device, a pocket friendly closed pod vaping system, is sleek in look and light and tactile in the hand; inspired by the lightweight feel and smooth lines of Italian supercars. With no buttons or switches the aim is simplicity and so is particularly aimed at smokers that are seeking a way to quit harmful cigarette smoking but feel vaping has to date been too complicated. The one stop package offers pods with varying levels of nictone content and supports Public Health Englands drive for the uk to be smoke free within a decade.

About Decadent Vapours

Decadent Vapours have been manufacturing their high-quality e-liquid since 2009.
They were the first in the British market to manufacture e-liquid and led the way in safety, making it an industry standard to test for impurities such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl & DEG.

Their complex flavour profile and innovation have resulted in them becoming globally recognised in the vaping community and their concentrates are used in many of the leading e-liquid brands around the world.