nzo Vape with E-Liquid pods

cno? uzo? nzo?

Ever since we first released our vape device, there has been some confusion over just who we are and how to spell our name. That’s why we’ve made this post to help set the record straight.

We are nzo Vape and it’s our mission to help billions of people worldwide to make that life-altering change from smoking cigarettes to vaping with the help of our nzo vape kit.


How Do You Spell nzo Vape?

We understand there’s been some confusion over how to spell our brand name. Some people think it’s uzo, some people think it’s cno.

To clarify, our brand is called nzo Vape.

If you’re ever unsure, just stand your nzo vape device up on its end and read the name downwards. You’ll see it reads N - Z - O, which is pronounced like Enzo just without the ‘E’.

nzo Vape device against a wood background

What is nzo Vape?

The nzo Vape is a closed pod vape device designed to help millions of people across the UK to stop smoking by switching to vaping instead.

Our vape device is sleek, portable and super easy to use in order to help make the transition between smoking and vaping just that little bit smoother.

Plus, we’ve teamed up with some of the most popular vape brands in the industry to bring you over 30 incredible flavour combinations in a variety of strengths to suit you on your quit smoking journey.

You can check out our range of pods with E-Liquid from brands such as RED Liquid and Decadent Vapours in our online store.

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Where Can You Buy nzo Vape?

Here at nzo, we want to make our device and our message as accessible as possible to people looking to make the switch across the UK!

Whether you’d like to buy your nzo products online or you want to pick them up during your weekly shop, we’ve got you covered!

If you’d like a little more help choosing where to buy your nzo vape products, why not check out our blog below?

Best places to buy nzo vape pods

Now you know our name, we’d love to know yours! Follow us on social media and be the first to find out about everything that’s going on with us, from new releases to helpful guides on quitting smoking.

If you’re ready to make the switch yourself, why not try out our nzo starter kit complete with our portable nzo device and three of our best pod flavours?

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