nzo, a new global brand in the vaping industry, launched its pocket friendly closed pod vaping system at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham held from 25th to 27th October and will be available from 1st November.

The design of the device is inspired by the lightweight feel and smooth lines of Italian supercars : sleek in look and light and tactile in the hand. There are no buttons or switches – the aim being simplicity. The system is particularly aimed at smokers that are seeking a way to quit harmful cigarette smoking but feel vaping has to date been too complicated.

Nine million people put their lives at risk by smoking and many of these haven’t even considered vaping as a way to quit. A lot think vaping is complicated. nzo’s alternative is stylish, compact and very easy to use. All you have to do is select a flavour and slot a pod into the nzo battery device. As well as making quitting as easy as possible, research indicated that a stylish look for a vaping device was vital. Customers want portability, no liquid spills and a long battery life.

The sealed pods can be filled with a range of flavours and contain 1.7ml of e-liquid, typically twice as much than most other pod systems on the market. Technological advancement means users do not have to physically add e-liquids from separate bottles. The battery life is also better by up to 40% than rival devices.

Starter packs including the battery system, charging cable and a pod will retail at £19.99 and packs of 3 additional pods, either a single flavour or a mixed pack retail at £9.99. This pricing is intended to be a disruptive model – offering better value than market leaders in the closed pod system market.

For the UK launch nzo is collaborating with British e-liquids manufacturer and distributor Red Liquids Ltd and will be joint Platinum Sponsors of the Vape Expo. Red Liquids Ltd is initially supplying 6 launch flavours with a further 4 in development. The sealed nature of the pods prevent the tampering and use of illegal liquids that have been behind the safety concerns about vaping identified in the USA.

Red Liquids Ltd has successfully built a strong global brand over the past 18months and is perfectly positioned to help nzo achieve its commercial aspirations for mutual benefit. There are a lot of synergies between respective business culture and objectives though each business is free to pursue other opportunities without constraint,.

Red Liquids Ltd will supply liquids for the nzo pods and its sister company Red Box Vape Ltd will distribute the system through its retail outlets and e-commerce capabilities. An ongoing marketing campaign will support the launch and a planned global roll out in 2020.

nzo is looking to forge similar collaborations with other e-liquid providers and plan to make further announcements shortly to complement this activity.