With so many vape devices available on the market today, it's hard to decide which to choose for your quit smoking journey. That’s why we’ve compared our own nzo device with one of the most well-known pod vape devices in the industry.

That’s right, today we’re going to be comparing the nzo vape devices to the JUUL, paying particular attention to how they work and what they can offer.

What is nzo?

The nzo vape is a closed pod vaping device designed to help ease the transition from smoking to quitting. The sleek, pocket sized device is perfect for on the go, which makes tackling those pesky nicotine cravings quick and easy.

nzo is a UK-based vape company, and it is their mission to help millions of adults make that switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. nzo is widely available both online and from UK retailers so it couldn’t be easier to pick up your first nzo device and make the change.

What is JUUL?

JUUL labs was launched in 2015 from their headquarters in the U.S.A. JUUL was, in fact, the first closed pod vape system to hit the vape market and paved the way for all those who came after it, nzo included.

Since then, JUUL has been working towards their goal of helping smokers across the world to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping and also to combat the underage usage of their products.

What is the Difference Between nzo and JUUL?

On the surface, both nzo and JUUL look pretty similar, but underneath there’s a lot more going on. Here, we’re going to discuss both the similarities and the differences between these two devices.

Similarities Between nzo and JUUL

Closed Pod System

The most obvious similarity between these two vape devices is that they are both closed pod vape systems. This means that once the E-Liquid in the individual pod has run out, the pod is removed and replaced with a new one, rather than disposing of the entire device after use.


Physical Design

As far as design goes, nzo and JUUL are also incredibly similar. Both devices are slim and lightweight, with the JUUL weighing only 14 grams making both perfect for on the go vapers.


Ease of Use

Both nzo and JUUL also work in the same way. As stated before, the pods of both devices are removed when empty and replaced with a fresh one, but the similarities don’t stop there. Both vape devices are draw activated, which means there’s no buttons on the device. Instead, the way to produce the vapour is by putting your lips over the device mouthpiece and simply inhaling.


Accessible to Buy

Another key similarity between both nzo and JUUL is how accessible they are for adults to purchase. Either one of these devices and pods can be purchased in UK supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, as well as online through either the manufacturers' websites, or other online vape stores.


Differences Between nzo and JUUL

Where They are Based

As we’ve mentioned, both nzo and JUUL are based in different countries. Well, different continents. nzo is a UK-based vape company whereas JUUL is based in the US.



The most obvious difference between a JUUL and nzo is their price. Both companies have their starter kits for sale in Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the UK. To purchase an nzo starter kit from Sainsbury’s costs (at time of writing) £9.95. This includes the device, the charger, and three pods. The Juul starter kit, however, is a little more expensive, costing £15 with the only added extra being one more 0.7ml pod of flavoured E-Liquid.

Flavour Availability

Another notable difference between nzo and JUUL is the amount of flavour variety both brands have for their pods. In the UK, JUUL has a total of six flavours available. These are:

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Menthol
  • Rich Tobacco
  • Berry
  • Golden Tobacco

nzo, on the other hand, values variety. That’s why they have over twice as many flavoured pods available for their devices including the classics like tobacco and menthol as well as some more exciting choices like Dodoberry.


Available Products

While JUUL has just announced the release of their brand new vape device, JUUL2, they are still limited in regard to the products they offer. You can buy one of their vape devices and the pods that go with them, but that’s it.

We at nzo, however, have started branching out further into the vaping industry. We have released our own line of 10ml E-Liquids available in your favourite nzo flavours.

When it comes to which vape device is better, it all depends on what you want from your vaping experience. If you want a reliable device that’s affordable and has a great variety of nic salt filled pods available to choose from, then nzo may just be the device for you.

If you would like to view our full range of available nzo products, check out our store and find your perfect match today.