an nzo kit and two pods on a table

Pod devices are a great starting point for those beginning their transition from smoking to vaping. They also prove popular with more experienced vapers who are looking to enjoy a more simplistic and easy to manage vaping kit.

Pods come in two formats - open pods and closed pods. Here we explore what each of these offer and the differences between the two options.


What Are Pod Kits?

Pod systems or pod kits are a type of vaping device that typically consists of a battery and a pod that is filled with E-Liquid. The pod will simply slot into the battery section, and you can start vaping straight away.

This means there is no fiddling about with changing coils; you just slot in the E-Liquid pod and vape - some kits don’t even have buttons! The ease of use is perhaps the greatest appeal of the pod system.


an nzo vape kit and replacement pods

Closed Pod Systems

Closed pod systems are also known as pre-filled pods. The pods are already filled with E-Liquid when you buy them and are ‘closed’ so that they cannot be refilled.

You simply slot the pod cartridge into the device and vape. Once the E-Liquid is finished, you remove the pod and replace it with a new one.

This is ideal for beginners and those who do not want the maintenance associated with more complex vaping systems. Closed pod systems are very convenient, as they only need to be slotted into place and have no mess or maintenance, beyond removing and replacing the cartridge.

It makes it a great choice for those who find manually refilling vape tanks and pods tricky or fiddly.

Another benefit of the pre-filled closed pod system is that it is less likely to leak or spill.

an open pod device being refilled

Open Pod Systems

Open pod systems are refillable pods, which can be manually refilled with your preferred E-Liquid.

This is usually done by unscrewing the top of the pod and adding in fresh E-Liquid using a dropper.

Open pod systems appeal to those who love the convenience and experience of vaping with a pod kit, but want greater control over the flavours and nicotine strengths of the E-Liquids by choosing their own.

While closed pods, like nzo, have come on leaps and bounds in terms of flavour selection in the past year or so, manually filling your own pods can open your device up to an unlimited range of different E-Liquids.

In addition to the flavour perks, open pod systems can sometimes be cheaper to run, as you can use shortfills, which are a more cost-efficient way of purchasing E-Liquid.

Using shortfills will also allow you to vape much lower nicotine strengths. While 0mg pre-filled vape pods exist, closed system pods will typically be higher strength nicotine salt E-Liquids.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each type of pod system. Which you prefer will depend on whether you prioritise ease of use or customisability.

If you decide that a closed pod system is right for you, then the nzo Vape may just be the perfect place for you to start! Our pod starter kit has everything you need to make the switch from smoking, including the nzo device, three 1.7ml pods of E-Liquid and a USB charger.