If you want to vape, you’ll need some kit to do so, whether that’s a pod, mod, pen or disposable. Our NZO vape starter kit is a pod vape system, which simply means that it uses pods that are pre-filled with E-Liquid. If you choose a pod vape, you’ll need to decide if you want an open or closed pod system. To help you make that decision, we’re sharing the pros and cons of these options to discover which is best for you. Not sure what a pod vape is? Take a look at our guide to the pod vape system to find out.  

What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Pods?

An open pod is refillable, so you can remove the pod when it is empty and refill it with your chosen E-Liquid. A closed pod is not refillable; they are pre-filled with E-Liquid, which you vape until it is finished, then you replace the whole pod.     nzo vape and vape pods  

What is a Closed Pod Vape Kit?

Closed pods or pre-filled pods are cartridges that are pre-filled with E-Liquid and cannot be refilled once they have been used. They are really easy to use - you only need to slot them into your vape device, enjoy the flavour, and then remove and replace them when they are finished.  

Benefits of Closed Pod Vapes

Closed pod vape systems are easier and more convenient to use, as you don’t have to refill the cartridge at all - just use and then dispose of the pod. This can be beneficial for those making the transition from smoking to vaping, as the ease of use can make quitting smoking that little bit easier. Compared with other types of vape kits, like pens and mods, closed pod systems are the simplest to use, with the lowest maintenance needed. With a closed pod device, you won’t need to change any coils, wicks or refill the E-Liquid tank. Another benefit of closed pods is that they are less likely to experience any leaks, as they have been pre-filled and sealed by a machine designed to create them, meaning there is less risk of human error when filling them.  

Negatives of Closed Pod Vapes

When considering the cons of closed pod vapes, one of the biggest concerns is the environmental aspect. Each pod you use is single-use, and once you’ve used it, you need to dispose of it, and it cannot be reused. This can create waste, and if you’re environmentally conscious, this might be something you’ll want to avoid. Another potential negative is that there are less E-Liquid flavour options. While we offer a wide range of delicious E-Liquid pod flavours here at NZO vape, there are more flavour options out there that you won’t be able to find in a pre-filled pod. If you have particular flavour preferences or want to experiment with wacky flavours, then you might find a closed pod too limiting.   person filling a vape kit with eliquid  

What is an Open Pod Vape Kit?

Unlike a closed pod, an open pod can be refilled with E-Liquid. The pod cartridge is usually unplugged or unscrewed at the top and then refilled with your chosen E-Liquid. Often the E-Liquid will be added to the pod using a dropper, syringe or nozzle to make it less messy.  

Benefits of an Open Pod Vape

The biggest benefit of open pod vapes is the ability to fill them with whatever E-Liquid you fancy, meaning you have more control over the flavour and nicotine strength you are vaping. This means that you’ll be able to try E-Liquids from a range of brands and varieties, including shortfills, 10mls and nicotine salts. Not only does this allow you a greater level of customisation, but it can also work out as a cheaper option as you can find bargain vape juice. You won’t have to buy pods as often, and will instead only need to buy bottled E-Liquid to refill your open pod with. Compared with closed pods, open pod vapes are better environmentally, as you won’t be producing as many waste pods with an open system.  

Negatives of an Open Pod Vape

The biggest downside to open pod vapes is that they are fiddlier than closed pods, as they are not pre-filled with E-Liquids, meaning you have an extra step in your vaping process, as you will need to fill the pod vape with juice yourself. While it isn’t too difficult to fill an open pod vape, it does add extra time to the process, and if you want vaping to be as simple as possible, it might be an inconvenience to you.  

Should I Choose an Open or Closed Pod Vape?

Choosing your vape will be down to personal preference. If you want the easiest experience with vaping you can get, then a closed pod with pre-filled vape pods is your best bet. If you value having a wider choice of E-Liquid flavours and strengths more, then you might want to choose an open pod vape.   nzo reload pods  

Is NZO Vape an Open or Closed Pod Kit?

The NZO Vape kit is designed as a closed pod system, with a range of pre-filled NZO Vape pods available to be used with it. However, we also offer a pack of refillable pods, which can be filled with your favourite E-Liquid flavours and can last for up to five refills. This makes NZO Vape the best of both worlds, offering the convenience of a closed pod kit but with the ability to use refillable pods if you would like to try out different vape juice strengths and flavours.