Beginner vapers have various vape kit choices with mods, pods, pens and disposables. For those who choose a pod system, you’ll need to decide between refillable or prefilled pods. To help you choose, we compiled the pros and cons of these options to find which is best for you.

What is the Difference Between Refillable and Prefilled Pods?

Our nzo refillable pods are open systems and can be refilled with whatever E-Liquid you want, whereas prefilled are ‘closed’ due to being factory sealed, making the E-Liquid inaccessible. If you're unsure of the difference between a closed or open pod vape, look at our guide for more information. So which is better? We’ll explore the pros and cons of each below.

Pros of Prefilled Pods

Prefilled pods have many advantages, which we will explain below. If you want the ultra user-friendly vaping experience, choose a nzo disposable vape so you can quit smoking for good!

Less Messy

Since these pods are sealed shut by machines to contain the E-Liquid in the prefilled pod, they’re way less messy than refillable pods can be. There’s no risk of spillages or leaks here, which makes them especially suitable for travelling. Want to take your disposable vapes on a plane? They’re not likely to spill in your luggage, so they’re probably the better option in this case.

Easier & More Convenient

In many ways, prefilled pods can be great for helping beginners make the switch from smoking to vaping, delivering convenience and ease of use to those who don't want to fiddle around with refilling the pod with E-Liquid. Compared with other devices that need regular maintenance with wicks, coils and refilling the E-Liquid tank, prefilled pods can be considered the lowest maintenance device available on the market.

Cuts Down On Costs

Not only is the lack of maintenance a boost to the convenience of disposable vapes, it also has the potential to save on long term vaping costs, as you won’t have to spend anything extra on coils or other components. Once you’re done, you’re done! are disposable vapes cheaper than cigarettes nzo cta

Cons of Prefilled Pods

When it comes to disposable or prefilled vapes, there are one or two disadvantages you may want to keep in mind before making a purchase, for example:

Less Choice

If you’re searching for a more flexible option, prefilled pods aren’t the way to go. For those who want to experiment with different nicotine strengths and E-Liquid flavours, you’ll need to buy another disposable vape that suits you better, which is more inconvenient than simply swapping around and reloading your pod with your favourite E-Liquids.

Not So Environmentally Friendly

In addition to a lack of flexibility, another drawback is that disposable vapes aren’t very environmentally friendly as they can be difficult to recycle.

Cons of Refillable Pods

Although there are a lot of bright sides to open pod systems, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Fiddly & Messy

In contrast to prefilled pods, refillables are more prone to mess since they’re open pod systems. With the potential of leaking over your luggage, they’re not quite as travel friendly, especially if you’re planning on vaping during a bumpy car ride!

Less Convenient than Prefilled Pods

Refilling a vape pod isn’t exactly a strenuous or difficult task, but some prefer the simplicity of taking a draw from their vape without having to worry about taking the time to refill it.

Pros of Refillable Pods

Now that you know some of the drawbacks of refillable vapes, what makes this device a better option than prefilled? Well, there are actually quite a few advantages which we will delve into.

Flexibility with Flavour

As you aren’t stuck with whatever E-Liquid that comes with the vape, refillable pods are way more flexible than prefilled pods. For example, if you find out that the E-Liquid flavour you’ve chosen isn’t as nice as you were expecting, it’s easy to change your mind and swap it out for something better. For many, a key ingredient to quitting smoking is a nice pod flavour, meaning that refillables may just be better for beginners to vaping.

Adjustable Nicotine Strength

Another bonus for beginners is that you can simply dispose of E-Liquid that’s too strong or weak when choosing the right nicotine strength for you. As you add your own E-Liquid to a refillable pod, you can choose the strength you need, and use strengths that don’t come as standard in prefilled pods. This gives you more control over your vaping experience, which makes switching from smoking to vaping just that little bit easier. is vaping better than smoking nzo cta


Refillable pods can actually be cheaper in the long run as you can choose brands that sell cheaper E-Liquid or offer bargain deals. Plus, you won't have to keep buying new pods as often as disposable vapes, since you'll only need to buy E-Liquid for refilling. If you’ve never tried a refillable pod before, don’t worry! In our handy guide, we’ll take you through how to use refillable pods step-by-step.