In the UK, vaping is increasingly gaining in popularity as a method of quitting smoking for good, a method that many doctors approve of. Still, it's important to note that certain things — such as how secondhand vapour affects people – require further study. As a result, the government has put in place a few regulations about the use of vapes in public spaces. To help you through these regulations, take a look at our guide to learn all you need to know about what is currently legal regarding vaping in the UK. Please note that as research on vaping is still developing, these details are subject to change.

How Legal are Vapes in the UK?

Most of the laws regarding vaping in the UK come down to the way vape products are advertised, produced, and sold. So although the 2007 smoking ban made it illegal to smoke in all enclosed workplaces in England, currently, these laws do not extend to vaping and e-cigarettes.  Even if vaping is, strictly speaking, legal, it’s still good to be mindful of others. Here’s our beginner’s guide to vaping etiquette so you can get your nicotine hit without disturbing anyone else. beginners guide to vaping etiquette nzo


As long as you’re an adult, it’s okay to vape! However, a 2015 law mandates that, in accordance with tobacco products, e-cigarettes or E-Liquids are illegal for anyone under 18 to use or purchase.

Health and Safety

Although Public Health England has declared that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and many doctors agree it is a good alternative, vape manufacturers are bound by law and cannot state that vape products are safer than cigarettes.

Percentage of Nicotine

There are strict rules about limiting the percentage of nicotine in E-Liquids in the UK. The amount of E-Liquid you can legally purchase is capped off at 20mg/ml. Cartridges and containers are also subject to limitations; cartridges must be no more than 2ml, while bottles can only store 10ml.

Vape Production

Any new vape products created by manufacturers must gain government approval before they can be sold. Also, there is a grace period of about six months between the submission of a product and the product being publicly sold. These regulations ensure full transparency and safety for vapers. In addition to these regulations, there are still various restrictions you will need to take note of depending on the setting.

Future Changes to Vape Laws

As previously mentioned, vaping laws are subject to change as research is still developing. In the future, we could begin to see a shift in how the government approaches vape products! Since vapes have much potential for helping people make the switch from smoking to vaping, there have been increasing pushes to make vaping more accepted. For example, Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid has embraced the possibility of manufacturers working together with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to get Britain smoke-free by 2030. E-cigarettes could even be prescribed on the NHS in England to assist people to stop smoking tobacco products.

Vaping in Public Spaces

Rules vary on whether you're allowed to vape in a certain area as it is entirely up to the owner of the area. Therefore, many public spaces such as bars, shops, restaurants, and museums include vaping as part of their 'no smoking' policy. Most UK chain restaurants (such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC etc.) have banned vaping from their stores. Considering there are no laws in place about vaping, you probably won’t face legal repercussions but you will be asked to leave. You’re probably better off researching whether any individual locally owned restaurants can accommodate you. We highly recommend you do your research before assuming you can just vape wherever you want.

Vaping in Music and Sports Venues

People at football stadium Like with many public spaces, the decision as to whether or not vaping is permitted is up to whoever owns that particular space. Seeing as music and sports venues are places for people to hang out or celebrate, there's a much better chance these spaces will allow vaping. As a general rule of thumb, larger venues such as Wembley Stadium do not allow vaping. You are more likely to find relaxed rules in smaller venues and clubs As always, check what the rules and regulations are via a website or by asking a member of staff before visiting your local sports or music establishments.

Vaping and Travel

Vaping while travelling sounds like the perfect way to satisfy any nicotine cravings that may arise while on the move. However, there are quite a few restrictions to keep in mind.

Vaping While Driving

Vaping while driving is perfectly legal but not advisable. If you take a puff while driving, you could potentially obscure your vision (or the vision of whoever is driving).  If your car is seen full of vapour, this could be considered driving without due care which is a potential prosecutable offence. The consequences of this can reach up to nine points on your licence and even a maximum £5,000 fine. All this considered, it’s best to approach vaping in a vehicle with the utmost caution. Keep windows open and blow your vapour outside.

Vaping On Public Transportation

People on train For the comfort of other passengers, vaping is generally banned on most forms of travel, including buses, coaches, trains, and planes. If you would like more information on travelling by plane, explore our guide on vapes and transport by flight. The only form of travel that may grant a bit of leeway is a cruise as most have a dedicated smoking area. That being said, you are allowed to travel with your vape on most transport. The only exception is if you’re travelling to other countries which may not be as accepting of vaping as the UK is. To stay informed on all the regulations surrounding vaping, travelling and all the countries where it is currently illegal to vape, take a look at our blog below. vape travel regulations nzo cta We hope this guide caught you up to speed with current vape regulations. Due to the clever and compact design, our nzo pods are discreet and can easily fit in your handbag. The easy to use cartridge pods will help reduce leaks and won’t take up too much of your liquid allowance either. explore nzo flavour pods cta