We all know the risks of smoking and the damage that consuming cigarettes does to our bodies. But did you know that a lot of this damage can be undone when you quit?

We take a look at the process your body goes through when you quit smoking, the health benefits you will start to see and how vaping can help make the journey to becoming smoke-free more successful.

Why Quit Smoking?

Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, many of which are harmful to the body, including 70 known carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer-causing chemicals.

Tobacco smoke also contains substances like hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde - you don’t need a PhD in science to know that these are bad for your body!

As well as cancer, ingesting these substances can lead to heart disease, lung disease and stroke.

Chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group, Professor John Britton, states that:

“If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes, we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today.”

How Does Your Body Heal When You Quit Smoking?

  • 20 minutes - Your heart rate and blood pressure drop to a steady level.

  • 2 hours - Your circulation starts to improve. You’ll begin to experience the first effects of nicotine withdrawal. If you switch to vaping at this time with nicotine E-Liquid, then you won’t experience the withdrawal.

  • 12 hours - Carbon monoxide from the cigarette smoke starts to leave your body. Carbon monoxide binds to blood cells and stops them bonding with oxygen, which is why many smokers experience cardiovascular problems. Carbon monoxide is not present in vaping.

  • 24 hours - Your heart begins to repair itself.

  • 48 hours - Your sense of taste and smell are restored.

  • 3 days - All traces of nicotine will be gone from your body, so withdrawal symptoms are at a peak if you are trying to quit by going cold turkey. If you are using a vape, then you won’t experience the withdrawal symptoms, which can help you to reduce your craving for a cigarette.

  • 2 weeks - Your lung function increases, and you’ll notice positive improvements in your physical health.

  • 1 month - Your lungs contain cilia, a microscopic hair-like lining in your lungs, that help to move debris and microbes out of the airways. When you smoke, these get clogged with tar. After one month without any cigarettes, they will be able to move freely again and get to work clearing your airways of mucus and dirt. This helps to lower your risk of infection.

  • 3-9 months - Lung function continues to improve, with a reduction in coughing or wheezing.

  • 12 months - Your risk of heart disease has reduced by half. Your risk of having a stroke has significantly decreased. This is the case even if you have switched to vaping.

  • 10 years - Risk of developing lung disease is now half that of when you were smoking, even if you are still vaping. Your risk of heart disease is now roughly the same as someone who never smoked.


Why Switch to Vaping?

As you can see, when you stop smoking, your body goes through withdrawal and cravings. When this happens, temptation can strike and ruin your attempt at living smoke-free.

By using a vape to transition from smoking, you are giving your body the nicotine it craves, without subjecting yourself to the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals in cigarettes.

Vaping helps you to stay on track by keeping cravings at bay. Your risk of developing heart disease, lung disease or having a stroke is significantly decreased even if you start vaping.

Vaping vs Nicotine Replacement

Out of every 100 people who try to quit smoking by going cold turkey, only around four will manage to do so for more than six months. For most people, a bit of help is needed to successfully quit smoking.

Studies have shown that vaping is the best way for many people looking to quit smoking. In fact, research has shown that vaping is 60% more effective than nicotine replacement products or quitting unaided.

Not only does vaping sate the nicotine cravings, but it also does a much better job of replicating the act of smoking than the likes of nicotine gum and patches. Many who are trying to quit miss the sensation of smoking, so the familiarity of raising the vape to your mouth, drawing and exhaling helps.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, then nzo Vape is the perfect option for those just getting started with vaping. The starter kit is simple to use; you simply slot a pod of E-Liquid in and get puffing!

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