It’s no secret that quitting smoking can be challenging. Those who are thinking about or actively in the process of giving up the practice will probably have questioned when the best time to start the journey would be.

Having a vague idea that you’ll quit ‘when you’re ready’ can be impractical and delay the start of your dedication to stop.

When looking to achieve lasting success when giving up smoking, many benefit from a nicotine replacement, like vaping. If you’re beginning to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping, check out our nzo starter kit that has everything you need!

The Right Time to Quit

When it comes to quitting any kind of habit, there is not necessarily a ‘right’ or ‘best’ time to quit in most cases; when you’ve decided to quit smoking, it’s time to make it happen!

Once you’re firm in your decision to give up smoking, set a date for within the next week or so that’ll be your official date for quitting. This will give you some time to research resources, purchase vape devices and seek support.

Setting concrete goals and dates like this can be one of the best ways to kickstart your journey to quitting.

Picking a Date

Many find it helpful to pick an important or meaningful date when deciding to quit. Times of change or transition like the beginning of the new year or upcoming season are often considered good times to quit because they become symbolic, giving you more motivation as you make the change.

As people make this positive change in their life, many also choose to stop quitting on their own or a loved one’s birthday as both things are something to celebrate.

On the other hand, there can be times when some may benefit from delaying their quit date slightly. If you’ve recently experienced a major stressful event or expect unusual levels of stress in the coming weeks, like an exam or particular event, it may help to give yourself a little more time to quit.

The beginning can be hard and will take focus; giving up early and returning to smoking in times of stress can make you less motivated to try quitting again in the future, so try to quit during a time when you are most set up for success.

However, when it comes down to it, don’t feel that you have to wait for the perfect date to quit - if you are serious about quitting and making the transition to vaping, start as soon as you can!

Remembering Why You Want to Quit

If you’re struggling to set a firm date to quit smoking, consider why you want to stop in the first place. There are many reasons to want to give up smoking, especially when thinking about long-term health risks.

Despite these serious risks being motivating enough, focusing on the day-to-day impacts, like the cost, can help remind you of the immediate benefits you’ll see when choosing to quit.

Vaping is far cheaper than smoking and can be an invaluable aid when you decide it’s time to stop using cigarettes.


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