Making the transition to vaping and quitting smoking traditional cigarettes for good can be a daunting prospect. With so much information out there and different vape devices to choose from, it can be a difficult world to navigate, even for the most dedicated among us!

Our handy guide covers which vape is the best for beginners and how you can get started.

Here at nzo Vape, we’re no stranger when it comes to easy-to-use vapes that are perfect for beginners! Our starter kits and convenient nzo vape pods are a great place to start for those new to vaping.

Different Types of Vaping Devices

To find out which vape is best for you at the beginning of your journey, it often helps to have an understanding of exactly what is out there and the kind of starter kits available to you.


Disposable E-Cigarettes

These kinds of devices mimic traditional cigarettes with their design and functionality, which can make them helpful tools when making the initial transition. However, they cannot be refilled with E-Liquid and are thrown away after you have finished them.

Although they can be convenient at first, their disposable nature makes them wasteful; you’ll need to purchase a whole new device each time the E-Liquid runs out, potentially making them a costly option over time.


Pod Systems

In a lot of cases, pod systems are considered the best option for beginners! They are easy to use and maintain - often, using a pod device is a simple case of clicking your chosen E-Liquid pod into the battery, then you can start vaping immediately.

You’ll come across two different types of pod system:

Closed Pod Systems

Here, you’ll have pre-filled pods that are usually used until empty, then switched out for a new pod. They are super-simple to use and perfect for beginners.

Open Pod Systems

These devices include refillable E-Liquid pods that allow you to add whatever kind of E-Liquid you want. They can be manually refilled multiple times and open the door to a wide variety of E-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are another lightweight and convenient option, but they do require a little more maintenance than more simple pod systems. Vape pens have a tank that must be manually refilled with E-Liquid and also have coils and wicks that will need to be replaced every so often.

Mod Kits

Mods kits for direct-to-lung vaping give you a far wider range of customisation options. With a box design, they have larger batteries and a separate tank, giving more power and the ability to produce huge clouds.

Usually, these are designed with more advanced vapers in mind and are, on the whole, not the best option for beginners.

The Best Kind of Vape Device For Beginners

So, with all these options, which is the best device to choose when you’re starting to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping?

For beginners, we recommend a pod vape device!


The Benefits of Pod Systems

There are numerous benefits to pod systems that make them the perfect choice for new vapers. Below, we consider why choosing a closed system pod vape could be the option for you!

Simple to Use

When you’re a beginner to anything, the first thing you look out for is simplicity. Pod devices are perfect for this - they are the most convenient option, with no coils, wicks or need to manually refill E-Liquids.

With the press of a button (and sometimes even that is not necessary!), you are ready to start vaping.


Easily Switch Between E-Liquids

The ease with which E-Liquid pods can be changed is another reason to consider a pod system. Your chosen pod is simply clicked into place and used until finished.

Some closed pod devices, like our nzo vape, will allow you to switch between pre-filled E-Liquid pods even when they have not been finished, giving you greater control over which liquid flavour and strength you want at any given time.

You can slip the unfinished pod back into its pouch, ready for you to use at a later date, before replacing it with whatever you’re craving.

Affordable Options

Another important consideration for beginners is the cost. Closed pod starter kits are often very reasonably priced, with only the initial cost of the device and pods to worry about.

With their low maintenance needs, the only repeat costs will be additional pods, which will be far less costly than buying cigarettes.

Great Aid for Quitting Smoking

Pod vapes can cater to those looking for high nicotine content and a powerful throat hit.

Due to this, it’s often thought that they replicate the smoking experience more effectively than other devices, making them excellent tools for boosting your success in the endeavour to quit smoking for good.

Getting Started with Vaping

Ultimately, the best vape for you will come down to what you personally want and need from a device.

Finding a good starter kit is important if you want to be successful in your transition to vaping, and most beginners will want to go down a hassle-free route.

If you think a pod vape is right for you, you’ve come to the right place!

Take a look at our nzo vape starter kit to get everything you need to begin your journey to a smoke-free life - including the device, charger and three different flavoured E-Liquid pods!

For more valuable information about transitioning to vaping from smoking, check out the rest of our blog.