At nzo, we understand that quitting smoking is a challenge that can be taxing on you both physically and mentally. However, it’s important to remember that you’ve already taken an enormous step by choosing to quit.

As for the next step, that’s where we come in. Here, we’re going to be taking a look at why using a pod vape device, such as the nzo starter kit, to quit smoking is better than other stop-smoking alternatives.

Pod Vapes are Easy to Use

Do you know what a vape MOD is? Or an atomiser? Do you know how to change a vape coil? Quitting smoking is stressful enough without the added drama of trying to find your way around a complicated new vaping device.

This is where pod vapes come in so handy!

Your typical pod vape will be made up of two parts: the device which will have the battery already fitted and the pod. All you need to do to get the device working is slot in your pod and draw on the device like you would a cigarette to activate.

It really is that simple!

Pod Devices Simulate Smoking

There is a reason that pod vapes are particularly popular with those who are just beginning their quit smoking journey and it's because it is the closest alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Not only are pod vapes draw activated, but they also have a mouth to lung (MTL) action. This means the vapour is inhaled first into your mouth before it’s taken down into your lungs and then breathed back out.

Smoking is a habit just as much as it is a means of consuming nicotine. This MTL action followed by the exhalation of visible vapour is what makes pod vapes such a successful stop smoking aid over patches, lozenges and gum. Pod vapes work to help with both the physical withdrawals of smoking as well as the psychological.

Pod Vapes are Safer

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Not only are they carcinogenic, but they’re also packed full of harmful chemicals and tar that can have both physical and aesthetic drawbacks. Not to mention, they’re incredibly addictive.

This is why pod vaping is a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping is a great means of scratching that nicotine itch without causing any further damage to your body and even giving it time to heal some of what’s already been done.

There has even been talking recently of e-cigarettes being prescribed on the NHS as a stop smoking aid.

Control Your Nicotine Content

Another positive of using pod vapes is your ability to control and eventually reduce your nicotine intake. This is especially beneficial to those who are looking to cut out nicotine entirely.

Our nzo vape pods are available in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your cravings, with a range of options up to 20mg on offer. For those who are going the extra mile, we even have 0mg vape pods available which means you can manage the psychological itch of smoking without actually consuming any nicotine at all!

If you’d like to learn more about reducing your nicotine intake, check out our blog below.

Pod Vapes are Discreet

Unlike larger vape MODs or devices, pod devices are a sleek and subtle design that makes it easy to sneak a vape (so long as you’re not in a place where vaping is prohibited) whenever you feel the need to.

Vape pods are also filled with nicotine salt – or nic salts – which are designed to produce a more concentrated vapour as opposed to the larger and much more noticeable clouds that can be made using regular E-Liquids.

As an added bonus, the E-Liquid in your pod is heated up rather than burned which means you’ll no longer have to worry about that smokey smell on your breath or clothes again!

Flavoured Vape Pods

Perhaps one of the reasons that vaping became so popular in the first place is the vast variety of flavours available for you to choose from. So, not only will you no longer smell of cigarette smoke, but you could end up smelling minty, or fruity, or like a slice of apple pie! The possibilities really are endless.

At nzo we pride ourselves in our fantastic range of flavours available from the classics such as menthol or mango, all the way to the more exotic or obscure like our Dimpleberry or Fruit Candy Ice Pods. Or, if you want your vaping experience to be as close to the real thing as possible, we also offer a range of tobacco flavours available.

What’s more, when using a pod vape you can chop and change your flavours as often as you like, even when you haven’t finished your pods! So, if you fancy a switch, all you need to do is remove one pod and replace it with another. It’s far easier than trying to clean out a vape tank, that’s for sure.

Pod Devices are Affordable

Perhaps the greatest benefit when it comes to using a pod vape device is just how affordable it is in comparison to smoking.

You can buy a pack of three nzo pods for as little as £5 and each pod can last, on average, twice as long as your typical £10 packet of cigarettes. That’s six times as much for half the price! It truly is a no brainer.

When it comes to other vaping devices, once you’ve bought the initial nzo device all you’ll need to buy from then on is the replacement pods whenever you need. With more complex and advanced vape technology, you’ll be buying your bottles of E-Liquid for the same sort of price as our pods as well as the costs of maintaining your device with new coils, batteries and tanks when necessary.

Whether you’ve tried quitting before, or you're at the very start of your stop smoking journey, head on over to our store for your nzo starter kit and let us be with you every step of the way.