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How To Use Your nzo VapeFrequently Asked Questions

  • How do you use nzo Vape?

    The nzo pod vape is designed to be portable and straightforward to make your vaping experience as hassle-free as possible.

    nzo devices are made up of a battery device and a removable pod of E-Liquid. This means to start using your nzo device, all you need to do is insert the pod with your chosen E-Liquid and then inhale through the device to activate it.

    No buttons. No dials. It couldn’t be any simpler!

  • How do you charge your nzo Vape?

    When you purchase an nzo device or nzo starter kit, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your device in the box. This includes the device itself and its charger.

    The charger included with your nzo kit will be a type-C USB charger. To charge your nzo device, just plug the USB end of the charging cable into a power source (such as a computer or USB wall socket adapter) and plug the other end into the charging port at the foot of the device.

    Once charging, an LED light on the device will light up to let you know how much charge your device has.

  • What Do The Lights on the nzo Device Mean?

    The LED on the body of the nzo vape can light up for multiple reasons, such as:

    When the device is activated through inhalation.
    When the device is charging.
    When there is a problem with the device.

  • Flashing Light on nzo Device?

    The light on your nzo device will flash to signify an issue with the device.

    If your nzo device flashes three times and then stops, this means the device has activated its built-in short circuit protection. This occurs when the atomiser short circuits, and to protect you, the device will stop all output immediately.

    The light will also flash the battery is fully drained.